Is this a weird snack?!

Hello Darlings! Happy Friday Eve!!!!! Today I’m going to share with you my #1 Snack at the moment.

I found these peppers at the farmers market last summer. I immediately fell in love!

The couple selling these told me they enjoy them as a side dish or a snack!

I prefer them as a snack. I have not yet seen the couple selling them this year which makes me sad!

I had been afraid I would not find them this year. Then shopping the other day at whole foods BAM there they were.

Every Saturday heading to the farmers market I still hope to see that couple!

Now to the eating them part!! IT might seem a bit weird to have a little plate of nothing but peppers But I fucking love them!

All you need it to wash them, drizzle with Olive oil, salt and pepper. Then I just throw them on the grill. I know you can just Saute them as well.

I have not gotten one yet that has a kick…they are just really tasty.

In the evening when I’m wanting a snack I will just whip these out and I’m completely satisfied.

Do you have any weird snacks?!? Please share if you do.

Will you give these a shot if you can find them?!?! Let me know if you do or already have!

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