How to improve yourself and your relationships.

Hello Darings!

Have you ever felt like your in a rut? Just doing the same thing over and over? Not giving time for yourself or others?

In the last few weeks I have changed a few things in my route that have helped out my stress levels.

If you have been with me long you know I have really bad anxiety and stress. So bad I’m 29 yrs old and have to take blood pressure pills!

Last Thursday was Jake’s Birthday. He took some vacation time to be able to enjoy it.

SO he took off Thursday-Tuesday. (A nice little vaca)

I had made reservations for dinner to celebrate his birthday. We had a very lovely time (4 bottles of champagne lovely time) then Friday morning came!

We had to get up early to head out of town since we had plans to meet up with friends and his mother in Wichita Ks.

On the way we discussed why we don’t drink very often LOL and that we should really try to make time to go out every now and then.

It got me thinking about making a “date night” where we would go out and forget our worries.

The rest of the vacation was pretty boring (not complaining it was very relaxing)

I read a lot and enjoyed having a nice cup of hot tea in the evenings.

I’m sure a lot of folks already eat dinner at their table but Jake and I did not.

We adopted a dog. Her name is JJ and she is a terrier mix. ( a little pain in the ass LOL but I love her)

We used to sit in the living room and catch up on some of our TV shows while we ate dinner.

Not that we have miss JJ that is a problem lol She loves to jump and it can be a problem.

We cleaned off our table (I swear is was like a huge bench to store CRAP) and began to eat our meals there.

We talk about our what happened that day at work, or discuss things that need to be done, or anything else that comes to mind.

Since we have started doing this I feel like we have reconnected.

IT may not seem like a whole lot but small changes or a nice place to start.

We plan to do the P90X 60 day challenge together as well.

As for things for myself….

I have been enjoying bubble baths with my lush bombs, and reading! IT takes my mind away from everything else that is going on around here.

I will say I am still not sleeping the greatest but one step at a time.

This is what we had for Jake’s Bday! IT was delicious

If you follow me on Snapchat then you saw the Bday events! (JustRobecca)

Later this week I will be doing a post on “organizing on a budget” so stay tuned for that! You can sub by email or follow on bloglovin so you never miss out on a post!



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