High End Jewelry on a Budget

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Hello Darlings!

The week is over! Well for most I know some have different schedules!

Do you love jewelry but hate how one piece can cost? Well this is the information you have been looking for!

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box that cost $19. Might seem a bit much but you get high end jewelry in every box. You can also exchange it as many times as you want in a month.

Let’s say you get a box one week and you wear the pieces but would like send them back for different ones. You can do this as many times in a month as you wish and it will only be a one time monthly fee of $19.

If you get a piece you must have to have you can buy it and send the rest back. The great thing is you get the pieces at discount pieces and they just started this thing called “shiner money” which is free $10 to spend as you wish on a piece.

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Diamond Cuff in Silver by Nashelle normally $48 but discount $38

One of my Favorite things about the site is that you create a wish list. This is where you look at all the pieces they have and any you like click the star icon and it ends up on your list to be sent out to you.

I review every piece of Jewelry after I have received a box and worn it. This is how the designers of the boxes help make every box custom to you. I will also let them know of a special event so they can send me a statement piece.

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Bar Pendant Necklace in silver by Jill Michael $48 but discount $38

They also have an Instagram here where you can take a peek to see if you like anything. Once you become a member if you like something they post, you just comment #wishlist and it will be added to your list! They seem to get new pieces in all the time!

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Aston Earrings In Black Pearl By Kendra Scott $75 but discount $60

Sometimes the discount might not seem like much but if you take that plus the free $10 they give you a month it can make a piece you have had your eye one you get feel great about getting!

IF you would like to try this out I have a code for you to get your first month FREE! Again you can get more than one box in a month so it’s like getting several for FREE! You just have to go to their page and the code is ROBECCABFF you can always cancel at anytime without a hassle.

IF you subscribe I would like to hear about your experience!



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