Hello Julep!

Julep Box for August Bday!

Hello Darlings!

Do you love nail polish?! Do you hate the price for one good polish?! Then scroll down to learn about Julep!

(This is not a sponsored post I just really like nail polish!)

I got this box at a discount because I saw the add of Facebook! ( hint hint) I only paid for shipping which was $2.99 not bad for what is in it.

They have 2 options.

1. My Maven- (This is what I have) its $40+ value for only $24.99 a month or you can do $19.99 for 3 months plan

2. Maven Luxe- is a $60+ value for $39.99 a month or 34.99 for 3 months plan

Now that you know what the price is don’t worry you can get your first box (the welcome box) for the same price I did.

I don’t know about you but I like to try things out first before I make a commitment. You just gotta click here and sign up! Don’t worry if it is not for you you can just cancel at anytime.

Julep offers more than polish BTW! They got make-up, skin care, and hair products.

The best way to help them make your perfect box is to take the beauty bio! (it is just some questions about yourself) The great thing is that if your box they created is not something you like you can adjust it to things you like with no cost!!

You can also add extra’s or send a surprise box to a friend (make a great gift)

All in all it is not a bad deal if you are a crazy nail polish fan! I love polish just as much as the next girl but hate that for one polish it can be pretty pricey.

Now how about we dive in to my August box?!

Bonding Base Coat in Oxygen!

Up first is this Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. I have been needing a new base coat so I’m glad I got this! You only have to wait 60 sec before applying polish!!!


Isabella-Boho glam!

I am loving this pretty blue polish! It is in the color Isabella-boho glam this is a vegan polish! so if you are trying to switch to healthier products this is perfect for you!

Lucky-It girl!

August is my Birthday month so I got a pretty Peridot gemstone color in Lucky-It girl! It has pretty silver glitter pieces in it!


Last but certainly not least! I got a lipgloss and I am a huge lipgloss junky!! It is a pretty nude pink that smells delicious! The color is Graceful and I love it!!

It is a pretty nude pink!

For $2.99 that is a lot of great products!! IF you are not a maven already I say give them a chance!


If you want to see pics of me wearing any of these make sure you are following me on instagram! (JustRobecca)

What are your thoughts on this box? Will you give it a go? please comment below if you get it! I would love to know what you thought!

Later my darlings,



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