GOODBYE Fast Food Update!

Hello Darlings!

Okay, so on the first I mentioned Jake and I were going to quit fast food for the whole month of October!

It will be a week tomorrow and we are going strong! I have not really been craving anything or finding excuses for when I don’t feel like whipping something up.

Over the weekend Jake was really wanting a sonic hamburger but he snacked on some popcorn instead.

So far we have noticed we don’t feel crappy or bloated!!

It is really nice to be cooking every night but it has been a pain to find new things LOL

I have been on pinterest a lot looking for nice meals I think we might like try some new things out!

I am really annoyed that jake’s job has decided to move his schedule to 2pm-10pm because that means we will either be eating extremely late (so staying up till 2am to let food settle) or we will not be eating together during the week.

We both used to work 3rd shift so we know that schedule’s can be adjusted it is just annoying as fuck!

I am trying to plan out a week’s meal a head of time so when this change does happen we will not take the easy way out.

For those of you shift workers do you have any advice?!


A few years ago around Halloween!


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