Goodbye Blemishes & Cysts



Hand-Holding High Frequency Kit


Hello Darlings!

Today I am going to be talking about one of my favorite tools I use on blemishes.

In Esthetics school this was a tool we learned and used a lot! This one is not as powerful as the ones that are professional that we had in school but does just as great of a job.

The high-frequency electrotherapy uses the glass electrode tube to produce high frequency current, when used on face, achieves the treatment result.

You can literally take a before pic and by the next day already see results! I use this everyday till the problem is gone. Some take longer than others it just depends on if it is a blemish or cyst. I still always notice a difference the next day.

I literally found this on amazon as did some of my classmates haha! (We love it)

You can easily use this at your home and can buy it here just like I did. You could also ask your esthetician if they offer it. Some offer as an add on and others just a nice little service.


Hand Piece//Glass Tubes

This kit includes a few different Glass tubes that are the pieces you choose for different areas. This is great like I said for blemishes, cysts, etc.



This is super simple to use and put together. Each glass piece has a metal bar on the bottom which is what you insert into the handle. It slides in easily so no need to add a lot of pressure..Remember they are GLASS and can break easily.

The glass side is used on face or hair. Just turn the dial to intensity level wanted and run over area’s you want treated for a few seconds. (Follow on snapchat to see in action every now and again)



Yes the handle looks like it could be a model for other things!


comb tube

This comb tube is great for beards! (YES men will love this machine as well)




This mushroom tube is my most used! I get breakouts on my jawline and neck (hormonal) usually a nasty cyst. I use this one to really cover the area and it lays flat.



I use this one around the nose area. The shape makes it easy to get around the curves.



I had almost forgot this one because I really never use it. It is called the tongue tube but is NOT meant for the tongue. Use only on skin areas!

This is the easiest machine to use and I love I can use it in my home!




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