Giving things up for Health

Hello Darlings! I hope your week is going smooth! Mine seems to be moving right along.

Have you heard about the 30 day no sugar diet?! Well Rebel Wilson recently did a 20 day no (refined) sugar diet.

I would love to try the 30 day no sugar diet but honestly I don’t think I would make it. Almost everything has some kind of sugar in it.

I read it is easier if you get your sugar dosage so to speak from fruit. It will help make it easier and help with any side effects such as headaches, and fatigue.

I think in the last two years I have given up a lot. I loved my redbull! I slowly switched from regular to the double zero (no calories, no sugar) I would grave a diet coke or diet dr. pepper every now and then.

I first got rid of the soda (that was the easy part since I only wanted it every so often) then I gave my redbull for coffee. Now I love coffee and I drank it every morning anyway. (redbull for afternoon) So it wasn’t that bad. I think I missed the taste mostly.

Well I soon realized  I was okay with the coffee because of the creamer I was adding. I didn’t add sugar (good thing since the creamer had plenty) just Coconut creamer from coffee mate or something. Man it was the Shit!!! It smelled amazing and just made your taste buds sing!!!

I sadly gave it up and went to drinking just plan old boring coffee.

That may not seem like much to give up to some, but to me it was a lot. I know people will do challenge’s where they decide to give up something of their choice for so many day’s. Kind of a kick to the system or maybe to show yourself it is possible.

I told Jake about the no sugar diet and he thinks we should start our goal smaller than 30 day’s. I agreed and think we should go for 2 weeks with the no (refined) sugar. I will be giving up my sweet treats like a piece of candy bar.

I think before we take this challenge we need to make sure we are fully capable and ready. Get rid of any snacks or treats that could set us up for failure.

What are your thoughts on this?! Have you done any challenges?! Did you make your goal?!

Please comment below your thoughts.

I will keep you updated (when we start)

Till the next time


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