Gift Guide for Him

Hello Darlings,

I don’t know about you but shopping for some of the guys in my life can be a challenge.

The little boys are easy and sometime’s the dad’s are easy.

I even usually know what the boyfriend wants or needs but this year was a bit different.

Here are a few things I found that make a great gift for him.

Let’s start off with this small duffel bag that is great for short trips. So if your guy travels a lot might check this duffel out!

This watch is a beauty and every body could use a watch.

IF your guy likes to smell amazing and sexy this is a scent for him!

I would say you could never go wrong with some graphic tee’s, pajama pants, belts, and even small things like gloves or hats.

I hope this way a little bit helpful! comment below if you bought any of these and he loved it!

If you have any questions feel free to email me! I am always happy to talk to you! You can also find me on my social media accounts (Everything listed in side bar except for snapchat: Becca_beeley) Say HI anytime

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