Furry Babies!

Etta & Blues

Hello Darlings! I know this is a bit different then my other posts. I thought it would be nice to start getting to know each other a bit better. I thought the best way to do that is with Jake and I’s furry babies! 
I mean who doesn’t love soft, furry, and adorable?!?!? (Don’t worry we love dogs, bunnies, monkeys hell we love them all) We have 2 wonderful all black cats. (insert superstitions here) we adopted them when they were 4 months old back in September of 2013. Nobody wanted them since it was so close to Halloween and people have their superstitions. 

Last Winter

We were happy to take them home and make them part of our little family. Jake and I do not have children and honestly we don’t plan to have any. So furry babies are our babies. They love to cuddle, chat, (yes, they will talk your ear off ha so cute 😉 ) and be a pain in the ass by walking us up at 4;30 every morning ha ha gotta love them.
Just look at that face!

We love to spoil them! They have so many toys it is not even funny! So even though they can be little butthole’s at times we love them and would not give them up for anything!!!!

Do you have any furry babies?!?!? If so please let us know in the comments below!

I would love to see pictures! Tweet me @Rbeeley with the hashtag #cutefurryfaces (hasn’t been used so we can see)

Please fill free to tag me in your furry baby instagram pics @Robecca_Sue

Even though this is a bit different then my other posts I hope you enjoyed getting to know my babies! Please Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

On another note I just wanted to say I’m so happy #LOVEWON today!!!!! I know so many people that were waiting for this day!!!! I’m so happy for you all!

Till next time! Enjoy your weekend!


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