Fall Favorites Tag!

Hello Darlings!

I love to watch Youtubers do tags and the season editions are a huge fav!

I thought I would start one and tag some of my favorite bloggers (They have no idea I exist) and see if they would do it then tag some of their fav bloggers.

Now some of these questions you may have seen before but I tried to mix it up!

  1. Favorite fall clothing?

Mine is scarfs! I love them. They can add a dash of color to any outfit.

2. Do you prefer Coffee or Tea?

I actually love both. However I am not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte ? I am in love with the new Toasted Graham Latte (hot of course lol) It is a little sweet but no so sweet that I cant taste the expresso.

3. What is your favorite fall scent?

My fav candle is this one from Bath and Body works. I suck at explaining scents but it makes my whole house smell warm and cozy ( do you know what I mean?

My fav parfum this year is the new scent from YSL! I am in love (Bonus Jake loves it too)

4. Do you like dark lips or dark eyes?

I love dark lips. Gives a little vampy vibe plus I can pull of a dark lip during the day better than smokey eyes.

5. Your number one holy grail product?

Since it is starting to get cold here in Oklahoma lotion has become my #1. I always try to moisturize daily but I get better at it when it gets cold. I love the body butters from The body shop. I am using this one at the moment.

6. Favorite fall movie?

I know my answer is a classic and a lot of people’s favorites but it is still my #1!!! Hocus Pocus has been my favorite since I was young! I watch about 5 times around Halloween ?

7. Favorite Fall Food?

I’m sure its completely wrong of me to say “the whole thanksgiving meal” LOL so I would say……Pumpkin roll! I make this at least 3 times! Best dessert hands down

8. Stay at home watching scary movies or going out to pumpkin patches and “haunted” places near you?

This is a both again for me. I love during the week and on Halloween to stay in with scary movies, popcorn, Jake and our fur babies. On weekends I love to get a group of friends together and check out the haunts!

9. Booties or high boots?

I am a high boots person. ( Although this year I am giving the booties a go) I just love wearing high boots with skinny jeans!

There you go guys! I left it at 9 questions so please comment below with your answers or if you blog please leave your blog below so I can check out your favorites!

Here is my list of bloggers I am tagging (here is to hoping some might like this and join in)








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