Face mask addiction!!!!

Different Sheet Masks

Hello Darlings! Happy Friday eve!!!! I’m so ready for the weekend to get here. How about you?!?!?!

Today I’m going to share the different face masks I use. I have quite a bit (you could say I have an Addiction) so I really like to take care of my skin is that a crime?! I don’t think so!

Now if you don’t care much for smearing masks all over I would say Sheet masks are for you!

In the photo above are just a few I have on hand at the moment. The 3 on top  I received in my Ipsy monthly bag and really enjoyed them! It was a brand I hadn’t heard about before so as soon as I got them I immediately opened one up and used it that night with a glass of wine and a bubble bath!

They are from the company Biorepublic and they range from different needs for different skin needs. Such as the 3 I have left are Purifying (yellow), Soothing (Cucumber), and Revitalizing (Aloe)

I prefer to have different ones around because my skin needs different types of caring. Sometimes its dry and others I get break-outs.

The big round one from Sephora also comes in a variety. (they also make masks for your eyes!) I am down to one which is the Anti-fatigue & energizing. I’m sure I will be needing this soon LOL  I like to grab a handful of these when I’m in the store. They are great!!!!

The last one in pic is from Patchology. I have the hydrate one. These also come in a variety, but I don’t but these very often because for a box of 8 masks it’s $50! Holy Balls right?!?!? They were reviewed and highly talked about in Allure magazine. The company is obviously high-end and I do believe the other masks I have already mentioned work just as good. I will say that sometimes I do like to spend extra on my skin.

One of my favorites that I let myself run out of (Shameful lol) is Bio-Miracle. I order a box of these on amazon for cheap!

Cream Masks

Alright moving on to cream masks! Again these are some I had on hand. The 2 on top I picked up from target. They are from the company Que Bella  They are 80% natural ingredients. They are like a $1 and some change at target. These come in variety as well and work pretty good. Plus since they are so cheap you can try them all! Then choose which one’s work for you.

The first on bottom is the Deep Down Detox by Formula 10.0.6 I picked it up at Ulta. They have several in there line. They are super affordable and feel really nice on the skin.

The second on bottom I picked up from Sephora. I have heard a lot of great things about the brand First Aid Beauty. One of the things I had heard about was this mask. It is the Oatmeal mask. Now I just have the little sample pack. It was only like $7 instead of the $22. I really wanted to check it out before I spent that. I have already used this little packet 4 times and it still has plenty of product. I will say it seems to be a pretty good investment.

Another one that I get from sephora is the Glam Glow masks. I truly love them! I just hate that they are $60. Now they do last awhile. my favorite is the Supermud it works the best on breakouts!!! I need to pick up another ASAP!

GlamGlow SuperMud

I have not tried to many eye masks yet…but do not worry I will ha ha! For now I have Skyn Hydro cool Firming Eye Gels. These help with de-puffing and to firm the skin. I like these but I still want to try others out.

 I have been needing to pick up the ones from Sephora. I have heard nice things about those. I have also heard good things about the GlamGlow eye ones as well. ( I will keep you posted on those)

What masks do you use??? Do you recommend anything I should try?? Please comment below so we can all check it out!

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