Done With Fast Food!

Hello Darlings!

We all know eating fast food such as Mcdonalds or Wendy’s is extremely bad for us! So why do we do it??

We live such fast lives and’s food fast!

We all know we can try to plan ahead with our meals but it does not work out all the time.

Jake and I have given up a few places such as Taco bell and Mcdonalds already. It’s been about a good year since we had taco bell last and well not as long for mcdonalds lol ( we are human)

We have been really worried about our health lately because we have made really great choices when we have gone to the store and adding exercise . We would like to loose some weight but not to be skinny just healthy.

After we talked about it we decided a few weeks ago that starting October 1st we would go the whole month with no fast food.

I learned in my nutrition class that after so many weeks your body wont grave it any more and if you did eat it it would taste wrong. (like you can taste the chemicals that make you come back again and again)

We thought if we can make it a whole month then we should have no problem ofter that to stay away!

We have been pinning like crazy meals we can make for dinner and have for left overs the following day.

Salads are also going to be a big thing with homemade soups.

Anybody interested in Joining us tomorrow for this challenge?! Please comment below so we can help each other out with meal plans and to make better decisions.

Would anybody like to see recipes of what we make??

Does anybody have any recipes they would like to share??

I will keep you all posted on how this goes…



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