Weekend Recap


Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? I felt it went by rather quickly.

The weekend started off really good. I had received my letter that I passed my State board exam to get my esthetician license.


We celebrated by doing nothing! HAHA Jacob and I were to tired to really do anything so we stayed in, had a lovely dinner, and caught up on some shows.

Saturday morning started a little off. We had a found a desk on craigslist for a really good price. It was in excellent condition and not that old. However the person selling it was most difficult and we finally gave up on it.

We decided to check out some sales at office depot and lucky for us they had a great deal going on. We went for the bundle and saved a little over $300 which is great and we got a 2 year warranty.


We finished running some errands and then spent the rest of the day putting this damn thing together. It was a bitch to say the least! LOL It does look really nice and fits nicely in our office/guest room.

As you can see from above picture I have been puling out all our office supplies and trying t organize everything. I am looking to find some really chic decor for it. We have also found a really good chair on amazon we are just waiting for it to arrive.

The desk we got is this one in the color expresso plus this hutch. The same sale that we got it for is sadly not still going on but the pieces are still on sale.

After a long long day haha on Saturday we did very little on Sunday. We had a few boxes to drop off at goodwill and make a grocery run. Our Sunday was really just a relaxing day to get ready for the week.

I hope your Monday has been good to you!

As always you can contact me on any social media or email.




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Weekend Recap!

Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? How was your Monday? I hope the weekend was long and the Monday was short!

This weekend was nothing special. Jake and I went to a few estate sales a found a few things for a good deal on Saturday morning. Than ran a errands and came home. I’m telling you our lives are that exciting HA! I wouldn’t chance it.

Sunday was a lounge day. We slept in, caught up on some shows (anybody watching stranger things on Netflix? we love it) made dinner and that was that.

We are hoping to make it out to the zoo one of these weekends soon but it has been so humid here. YUCK!

A few things coming to the blog this week will be a new mask I have been using, a few things I use to relax, and Sephora play unboxing.

I hope your weekend was full of great moments!

Till next time you can always find me on social media to chat!








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Organize on a budget!

Hello Darlings!

I have so much make-up and other beauty products yet not the $$$ to but the storage I want!

I watch a lot of bloggers/vloggers/youtubers and they all seem to have this beautiful dresser stand that they store all their make-up in.

I want one of these one day and you can buy them on Ikea here. It is really nice and sturdy so it is worth the money and in reality it is not that bad.

I am hoping to get one in the next year or so.

I was shocked to see that ii is more expensive on amazon.

Until then I have come up with a pretty good solution.

But First let’s take a look at the mess I had before hand!

All hair and face products I had no room for in my bathroom!
My grams got my this awesome vintage makeup case and it was what I had been using to try and keep all my make-up in!

I bought these big containers to start off since they have small and big drawers. Then I bought these smaller ones to place on top for even more storage.

I originally bought just one of each but realized I need two of each!! Yes I have of stuff.

I Started with this before I realized I needed more.

As I began organizing things into categories it became easier to throw out some things that went bad.

Most of what I threw out was lippies that had gone bad (had them for years) but I forgot to take a pic of them (sorry). I’d guess I threw away about 20-25.

This was the pile of old products that got trashed. There was no hair or face products because if i’m not ready to use them I don’t open them.
This is what I kept. This is all my make-up except palettes. I have bought a few new things and received stuff since.

After I went threw all of this (which does not look like a lot) I managed to end with this. (see pic below)

I realized I have more Hair care and Face products than Make-up lol

One the left side it is mostly make-up. I have an eye-liner and lip-liner draw. Mascara got it’s own draw because I have a lot ( I love trying new ones)

Then it goes: Foundation and concealer, blush/highlight/bronzer, big draw of all shadows to include singles and palettes.

Last two big drawers are all skin care products.

As for the top of this side I ordered a lipstick container/organizer here. Just waiting for it to arrive,

I need to was my brushes and find a glass to match the other to hold them all then add lipstick holder in front.

The right side is mostly hair care products but it does have my hand lotions, travel size items, nail polish, and hand sanitizers.

All of my perfumes had been on my jewelry boxes inside our closet and I hated it so I moved them on top. Plus that first draw is perfume samples.

This is not my ideal solution but I am happy with it. It will work till we move and I have the room to buy what I really want and set it up.

I hope this gives you some idea’s on what you can do when you are on a budget. The drawers could be decorated and could even put trays inside of some of the drawers to add more organization.



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Serious Tooth Pain!

Hello Darlings!

There I was waking up Sunday morning and my whole left side of my face hurt like a bitch and was swollen! WTF

Monday morning I called my dentist office and set up an appointment. They got me in yesterday late afternoon and I got some horrible news!

Okay, I suppose it could be so much worse but it is awful to me.

So about 3 years ago I had a cavity and of course got it fixed. I thought everything was good since my last check up seemed to go pretty good.

NOPE, the tooth I got fixed 3 fucking years ago was not done very good or something!

In the x-ray you could see that the cavity was really I mean really close to the nerve. It would appear the last dentist did not remove all the cavity or something because the filling is on top of the cavity! WHAT?!

I have to have a root canal! I don’t wanna too! LOL I have not had to have one and I have heard some horrible stories.

My appt. is not until NOV. 4th because I am taking amoxicillin to get rid of the infection that this tooth has caused on my left side! BOO.

I have been taking that along with 800mg Ibuprofen to dull the pain. It does nothing. It will kind of dull the pain for about 5 mins and no I am not being a drama queen.

So that is how my week has gone so far LOL.

Any buddy else have this kind of problem? How bad is it to get a root canal???? They are going to give me valium to help with pain during the procedure.

I am hoping to be as high as a kite so I will not realize what is going on till after I get home and just have a sore mouth.

Any tips??



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Fall Favorites Tag!

Hello Darlings!

I love to watch Youtubers do tags and the season editions are a huge fav!

I thought I would start one and tag some of my favorite bloggers (They have no idea I exist) and see if they would do it then tag some of their fav bloggers.

Now some of these questions you may have seen before but I tried to mix it up!

  1. Favorite fall clothing?

Mine is scarfs! I love them. They can add a dash of color to any outfit.

2. Do you prefer Coffee or Tea?

I actually love both. However I am not a fan of the pumpkin spice latte ? I am in love with the new Toasted Graham Latte (hot of course lol) It is a little sweet but no so sweet that I cant taste the expresso.

3. What is your favorite fall scent?

My fav candle is this one from Bath and Body works. I suck at explaining scents but it makes my whole house smell warm and cozy ( do you know what I mean?

My fav parfum this year is the new scent from YSL! I am in love (Bonus Jake loves it too)

4. Do you like dark lips or dark eyes?

I love dark lips. Gives a little vampy vibe plus I can pull of a dark lip during the day better than smokey eyes.

5. Your number one holy grail product?

Since it is starting to get cold here in Oklahoma lotion has become my #1. I always try to moisturize daily but I get better at it when it gets cold. I love the body butters from The body shop. I am using this one at the moment.

6. Favorite fall movie?

I know my answer is a classic and a lot of people’s favorites but it is still my #1!!! Hocus Pocus has been my favorite since I was young! I watch about 5 times around Halloween ?

7. Favorite Fall Food?

I’m sure its completely wrong of me to say “the whole thanksgiving meal” LOL so I would say……Pumpkin roll! I make this at least 3 times! Best dessert hands down

8. Stay at home watching scary movies or going out to pumpkin patches and “haunted” places near you?

This is a both again for me. I love during the week and on Halloween to stay in with scary movies, popcorn, Jake and our fur babies. On weekends I love to get a group of friends together and check out the haunts!

9. Booties or high boots?

I am a high boots person. ( Although this year I am giving the booties a go) I just love wearing high boots with skinny jeans!

There you go guys! I left it at 9 questions so please comment below with your answers or if you blog please leave your blog below so I can check out your favorites!

Here is my list of bloggers I am tagging (here is to hoping some might like this and join in)








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