A Long Weekend Recap…

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Hello Darlings!

Did everyone have a good Memorial Day? It is nice to have a longer weekend but we always need to remember why it is a Special Day. I love putting flowers on those I love and have lost. It is nice to take those moments to cherish.

Jake and I just grilled out. We bought a grill and were very excited about it because living in apartments we were not allowed to have one.

I made my favorite Jalapeno’s poppers, turkey burgers & dogs, with corn on cob! YUM YUM

I literally had 2 beers and was ready for bed!! HAHA I am getting old.

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The rest of the weekend was catching up on shows and doing a few more things around the house.

It is looking like people actually live here. Most of the wall decor is up in living room as with the curtains.

We are hoping to get the rest of the rooms done soon but I have no idea what I want to do with them yet! Does this happen to anyone else?!

I am excited to start working on the outside by getting some flowers and potts. Since we are renting I want things I can take with me.

I would have posted on Monday like planned but the day of laziness got away from me.

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any renting tips?

Till the next one..



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Starting a New Chapter…..

Hello Darlings!

It has been about a little over a month since my last post! I was stuck and having a serious block!

It was pure luck that Jake got a promotion in Michigan! We thought a lot about it before making the decision because it is some distance from family, friends, and well it is more expensive.

I thought a lot about what my friend Jackie would say and made a PRO/CON list. The PRO was much greater so we took the leap!

I will say it happened really fast! Like had 2 weeks to get everything packed, stored, and get our asses up here! (totally worth it)

We left Oklahoma the last week of April and got to Auburn Hills Michigan on May 5th.

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We ended up at ” On the Border” and realized it was Cinco de Mayo! So of course we had to have a drink to celebrate!

Since we had little time before needing to be up here we had no place to live so we lived in an extended stay hotel for a little over two weeks.


It was a nice hotel with a kitchen where we were able to cook. It was better than having to eat out all the time. I utilized the pool and gym to try and stay up with my workouts which was really great!

I am happy to say we found a house to rent in the area and are mostly settled in. We got signed and moved in last weekend and I have been unboxing and setting everything up.

I am trying to get things set up before I start work in June ( so thankful I found a job so quickly!) and Jake is enjoying his new promotion.

I am going to get back into swing of having a post up on the normal days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) now that we are on a secure network.

Till next week!



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Goodbye Blemishes & Cysts



Hand-Holding High Frequency Kit


Hello Darlings!

Today I am going to be talking about one of my favorite tools I use on blemishes.

In Esthetics school this was a tool we learned and used a lot! This one is not as powerful as the ones that are professional that we had in school but does just as great of a job.

The high-frequency electrotherapy uses the glass electrode tube to produce high frequency current, when used on face, achieves the treatment result.

You can literally take a before pic and by the next day already see results! I use this everyday till the problem is gone. Some take longer than others it just depends on if it is a blemish or cyst. I still always notice a difference the next day.

I literally found this on amazon as did some of my classmates haha! (We love it)

You can easily use this at your home and can buy it here just like I did. You could also ask your esthetician if they offer it. Some offer as an add on and others just a nice little service.


Hand Piece//Glass Tubes

This kit includes a few different Glass tubes that are the pieces you choose for different areas. This is great like I said for blemishes, cysts, etc.



This is super simple to use and put together. Each glass piece has a metal bar on the bottom which is what you insert into the handle. It slides in easily so no need to add a lot of pressure..Remember they are GLASS and can break easily.

The glass side is used on face or hair. Just turn the dial to intensity level wanted and run over area’s you want treated for a few seconds. (Follow on snapchat to see in action every now and again)



Yes the handle looks like it could be a model for other things!


comb tube

This comb tube is great for beards! (YES men will love this machine as well)




This mushroom tube is my most used! I get breakouts on my jawline and neck (hormonal) usually a nasty cyst. I use this one to really cover the area and it lays flat.



I use this one around the nose area. The shape makes it easy to get around the curves.



I had almost forgot this one because I really never use it. It is called the tongue tube but is NOT meant for the tongue. Use only on skin areas!

This is the easiest machine to use and I love I can use it in my home!




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Updated Healthy Tips

Hello Darlings!

Today I just wanted to update some of my vitamins I have discussed before along with a few other things.


I am a huge tea drink now I love coffee as well but tea is for my evenings. I really enjoy drinking a cup after dinner. Yogi is a brand I like because of the variety you can see they offer. During the flu/allergy season it is a must. I always pick up the stress (with lavender honey taste better), cold season sampler (it has the mix for all your needs) and detox.

I add a little honey to them all and it is great! At this very moment I am doing the detox tea 3 times a day with a tablespoon of honey. I will do just one box and give my body a rest. My digestion never seems to run right no matter how well I eat, or supplements I take so doing this once in a while seems to help.

I have recently gotten off the depo provera birth control shot after being on it for 12 years. I know that is a long time and has taken a huge toll on my body. I am starting to get breakouts in the normal hormonal areas and thought about trying skin detox from yogi next to see if I noticed any difference.

I have mentioned before that I take a probiotic twice a day. This is my normal brand I take and have had really good results. I have thought about trying some from my local health food store but they where $50+ and decided it was not worth it.

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I am religious about taking a magnesium supplement twice a day. Magnesium has a lot of great benefits and I know you can get if from food such as leafy greens but I am positive I do not get enough from food alone. Magnesium can be great for those that don’t sleep well, migraines, and anxiety. I do not remember where I bought the ones in pic but I have just been getting mine from my local vitamin store. I also use this and I love it! If I am stressing over something at night I will make me a cup of this and it really does calm me down and I sleep very well.

I have been trying out some Vitamin D supplements as well and as soon as I find a favorite I will let you know!

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Weekend Recap


Hello Darlings!

How was your weekend? Did you watch the oscars?

Saturday was a typically run around and do some errands day. Jake and I did stop by a few estate sales looking for a good deal with no such luck. I am working on redecorating our office/guest room so I’m keeping my eye out for some pieces.


Sunday was a really lazy day, we got up on some shows and did some cleaning around the apartment. Later we did enjoy a nice glass of wine with pizza while we watched the oscars!

Of course we were surprised just like everyone else when the mistake was revealed at the end!



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