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Hello Darlings?! How are you today?! Do you like the new title?! Thoughts please! I can’t believe it is only Tuesday! Granted it is the evening ( Yay for PLL tonight!) and I’ve got dinner in the oven as I share my long ass list of vitamins!

Do you take vitamins?! I hated it when I was a kid! YUCK to those Flintstones vitamins! They tasted awful. (who remembers those) But now as an adult I see that vitamins are important. Looking at the photo above you might think I’m crazy, but I did my research on all of these and feel they are important!

Now you know I am NOT a doctor. These are what work for me! Please discuss everything with your doctor to get what you need for you.


My Morning Four

I do not take every single pill at the same time! That would be crazy. I have them separated out to take at different times of day.

First, I have my Daily gummy vitamin (yes I like the gummy ones!) I ran out of my ones I really like from Vitacost (see info here) so just grabbed these from good ole target. They get the job done of getting normal daily vitamins everyone needs.

I have no idea where or how much it would cost to get a B12 shot, so I just buy these from Vitamin Shoppe. B12 plays a huge part in our health. I know I do not get enough from just the foods I eat so I need a supplement. More information about it here. I just take one in the morning under my tongue to dissolve and get in my blood stream.

Biotin is great for nails, and skin growth, Again you can get this from food, but for my age (28) I do not get 30 mcg a day. I prefer the gummy ones from vitacost but using these up first.

Lastly with my morning breakfast and coffee I have been taking these to help out with my recent breakouts. (switched birth control long story). I found these on amazon and they were recommended by Kendra Atkins on Youtube. (she is mentioned in vitacost post) I have only been talking these a few weeks but they have helped majorly!

These four are all I take in the morning w/food!


My Antioxidants


I have been taking these four Antioxidants right after lunch for months! I feel really good since I have started taking these.

Turmeric Resveratrol is a big aid in health. Turmeric is something you should be adding to your smoothies or juices. It has a lot of healing powers. Joint support, and pain management. Some lite info here

Selenium helps with your cells. Heart health, immune system, allergy/sinus. I only take 50 mg and I feel that is enough. More info

NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) helps with PMS symptoms, Digestive health, immune support and heart health. It also helps with little things like cold and flu. More info

Alpha-Lipoic Acid is known to aid in weigh loss, blood sugar support, eye health, and skin protecting. I only take 100 mg because I do try and eat a lot of the foods this is in. I just know I do not eat enough to produce the amount my body needs. More info

My evening Pills

In the evenings after dinner, Jake and I both Take Calcium and Fish Oil supplements. We don’t drink milk and we both have bad joints. I am also on the Depo Perva shot again and I need calcium supplements to help that from destroying my bones.

The fish oil is for our heart health. Omega 3’s are really good for you, but we don’t eat fish more than maybe 2 nights a week.

I also take a Evening primrose to help with acne and high blood pressure. I bought all these at my local target.


My night cap

I know another one! Yes and I take this as I’m getting into bed. Magnesium Caps are one of the most minerals you body needs. I take this before bed because it can clean you out! (you know what I mean) more info

Please talk to your doctor or do your own research. I know I feel better since I have started this crazy pill popping experience.

What vitamins do you take?!  Please leave in comments below any advice you have!

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