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Hello Gorgeous!


Hello Darlings!!! Happy Friday eve! Finally the week is almost over!!!! I could do a little happy dance right now if P90X wasn’t kicking my ass to the ground!

That’s right folks I finally decided to step up to the plate and get my body back into shape! (not skinny….SHAPE) I want to feel good, and keep up with the youngsters hahaha

Moving on….Let’s talk about The body shop body butters! I finally moved somewhere that had it’s own Body shop store then BAM they closed it after 8 months of me being here! Total bummer till I realized Ulta sold some of their products!!! The only bummer is I really like the honey comb bronzer I talked about here and can only get it online!

At least I can get the body butters at ulta! I love the body butters as you can tell from pic above! They smell so fucking fantastic and make your skin so soft!!! Nothing beats getting out of the shower and applying one of these babies all over!!

I go through them so fast I always by two when they are on sale! Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of product in these little containers. 6.75 oz to be exact.

Some of the most fantastic smelling are:

Passion Fruit which is the one above top left corner that is nearly gone!!! It is a scent I just want to bath in! A little floral, really sweet, and just scrumptious!

Coconut which is the lower left that I already dipped into! I couldn’t help myself it smell like the beach! Those day’s I really needed an escape or was going to be hanging by the pool I needed to be a walking coconut!

Shea Butter Top right corner.. Now the name sounds pretty boring but it actually smells really feminine and something that should be applied for those romantic nights!!!

Brazil Nut Lower right corner smells just like the name… nutty with a light hint of spice. This is my vacation butter! Weather I am coming or going I will smell as though I just had the most adventurous, exotic vacation of a lifetime!

These were just the four I had on hand at the moment but almost all their scents are intoxicating! I will say there are a few that are not my cup of tea but then again you may not care for what I like.

If you get a chance to put your nose in one I suggest you do! You can thank me later!

Do you already love the body butters?! What are you favorite?! If not, what one’s will you try?! Please comment below!

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