Bulu Box: Samples for your health

We all know you can samples of food and beauty. But how many knew you could try health samples?????

The Box….small but mighty 

I have been on and off again with a company called Bulu Box. About a year ago I discovered them and thought it was a pretty awesome idea. So I bought a subscription and LOVED it…….until I started to get a lot of the same samples over and over…..NOT cool.

I received a deal in the mail where I could get 3 months for $10…..I thought hmmmmmm maybe they got better….everything deserves a second chance right?!?!?!

Well I am now a monthly subscriber and have been LOVING it again.

You get 4-5 samples in each box BUT…..usually more than one is FULL size! Amazeballs right?!

This months full size samples!!

This month there was 3!! YES 3 full size samples!!

First off we have Food For Sleep: this product is help with better performance & recovery by helping you sleep better and recover from a long day. Normally these bottles come in a 6 pack and cost $24.

Second is Rescue Pastilles: this product is a natural stress reliever ( who doesn’t need that..LOL) IT comes in a nice travel can. Each can contains 1.7 oz. Just for you guys I already tasted one and it does taste like lemon….not lemon drop yummy…but lemon. This is sold for $15.49 for 2 tins.

Third is Xlear: A nasal spray. Nothing really interesting about this except it came at the right time! Anybody else hate allergy season?? I love the smell of fresh cut grass but my eyes and nose DON’T
This is sold for $14.99 for 1.5oz

The other 2 samples

Now the last two samples are what I call Foil packet samples. I feel you can not really test a product with just one use but sometimes products are supposed to be taken one packet as needed….so I will let it go LOL

I have seen this next product sold at Walgreen’s but never bought any. Its the UrgentRX upset Stomach: this is supposed to help when well like it says on the package LMAO with an upset stomach. for 12 packets they go for $15.98

Lastly we have a sample of two capsules of UP4 Adult Probiotic: this is to help with adults digestion and support immunity. This one I don’t think you can tell if the product is going to work well or not since it is just one dose. For 60 capsules $36.95

Now if you are wondering where I got the prices from the card that came in box to tell more info about each product gives the price.

If something does work out for you yet, you don’t want to pay the price Bulu has the system where you can login in to your account and answer a little survey about your samples. By doing this you can earn up to 50+ points which then turns into $5 before you know it you can just get what you want with points cash!

Card to keep track!

Each box comes with the card that has info about each product and on the back is something for your records. They call it “My sample Journal” this is to help you see how you felt before and after each sample so you can record what works for you and what doesn’t!! I do really like this idea 🙂 everybody is different therefore, something that works for me may not for you

Extra information and bonus card.

In case you wanted to see what I had gotten in another box check out my unboxing on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here!

What are you thoughts on this???? Would you give it a try?? Have you tried any of this products before?? Any cheaper somewhere else??? help us all out with any comments below

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will subscribe so you never miss out! 🙂


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