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Hello Darlings!

I thought it being Friday that a Wine post was perfect! To make it even better this is about a company that sends you wine’s monthly based on your likes!

Bright Cellars is a monthly subscription that delivers four bottles of wine right to your door! This is great for those trying to find out what wines they like, new wines, or just something new in general.

First, you take a short quiz so they can better match you to wines they think you will love. Then, they will send you a list of the wines they think match you. You get a little description of each one and if you don’t think it’s for you you can swap it.

You can skip a month or cancel at anytime. When I took my quiz they surprised me with a link where I got a fifth bottle for free! Bright cellars offers points for reviews of the wines you receive plus that helps them make sure they are matching you right.


If you are a beer drinker like myself this paper was interesting. (Don’t worry in your own box you will get one that you can actually read…lighting was terrible) This is a guide to help you figure out what kind of wine you might like based on what kind of beer you like.



Based on my quiz results these where the bottles I got.

  1. Lawson’s Ridge Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon 2015: This is an Australian blend full of black cherry, blackberry, and plum aromas. On the palate you should notice black pepper, spice, and a touch of oak. This is ideally paired with barbecued or grilled meats & smoked cheese.




2. Leaping Lizard Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: California wine with ripe juicy raspberry, plum, and cherry flavors as well as some hints of pepper in the finish. Best paired with braised beef short ribs-also goes well with bold cheeses.



3. Mare DI Vetro Aglianico 2015: A dark sultry full bodied red wine w/ flavors of black cherry, blackberry, plum and coca spice in the finish. Paired with smoked meats or hard cheeses.


4. Forty Winks Chenin Blanc 2015: orchard fruit flavors like yellow apples and pears balanced by tropical aromas or guava and passion fruit, also with floral notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. Paired with vegetable stir-fry or with fresh goat cheese & honey.



5. Porta D’oro Pinot Grigio 2015: Fresh light bodied Pinot from Venezie, has notes of crisp green apples, tart lemon, and ripe peach, and just a hint of soft florals & honey. Paired with light seafood pasta or a bruschetta w/ fresh mozzarella.

I am really curious to see how well a quiz can match wines to someone. I will admit when I see the notes and what it would be paired with I have high hopes but I can be tricky or picky… ever you choose to look at it.

If you like or love wine Bright Cellars is worth checking out. I plan to give it a few months and if i keep getting wines that are not my type haha I will pass.

I will of course keep you posted on how this goes! I’m sure in Monday’s recap there might be one review!



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