Blue Apron: Meals Delivered to your door!

Okay, as a recent graduate from Culinary School I obviously LOVE to cook. I enjoy creating healthy and sometimes not so healthy meals (Dessert anyone??)

But I do not always have to time to shop for ingredients or honestly just not feeling it after a long ass day!

Blue Apron is the not the first meal delivery service Jake and I have tried, but it is cheaper then the first and most recent.

Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients needed for home cooked meals right to your door every Tuesday. You receive an email reminding you and mine arrived around noon. I live in an apartment complex so the office called me to notify it was there and kept it in a cool place. (The ladies that work in office are such sweethearts)

Since it is just Jake and I we choose the 2 person plan. That contains 3 dinner meals for 2 people.

The other is a Family plan for 4 or more meals. It is $139.84 a week shipping always free.

Our plan costs $59.94 a week shipping always free. It may seem like a lot, but think about what you spend at your local market for 3 full dinner meals.

All ingredients for one meal.

In the email reminding me that it was out for delivery it showed me the 3 meals I was getting which is the recipes. It is super easy to follow step by step.

Last night I whipped up the Cod recipe ( I am not a fan of Cod, but enjoy trying new things) it was super simple.

As you can see in pic above that was all the ingredients needed for this ONE recipe. It all comes nicely labeled and literately has everything.

What was in bag from pic above.

Like I said before I am not a big fan of cod, but it was something different and Jake really enjoyed it. The other recipes it came with where really yummy! One was chicken meatballs and the other was STEAK! Jake and I being from Oklahoma we like our steak ha ha so it being in the box is a bonus!

Cooking the cod per recipe (way t o much better in my opinion)

I will say I do not always follow the recipe to the T! I do not care for Capers in large quantities so I added way less then it called for. (Jake didn’t seem to mind)

I do enjoy going to Local farmers market and store to shop, but lets face it life does get in the way sometimes.

This just made this week simpler and Jake and I got to try out some new recipes. We even like to discuss what we like about it and what little things we would change to make it our own.

Finished plate.

 YES, I know that is one of the worst looking plates ever! If my Chef saw this he would have my ass!! ha ha but it is what it is.

As you can see it is portioned sized so for those of you trying to get the correct about for dieting this is perfect. (Jake hates it haha not enough) It is enough he just needs to wait for the food to settle hehe

As you can see the meal made 1 piece of cod for each, and then a huge salad to share. The salad was different, yet really good. It had asparagus, fingerling potatoes, radishes, and shallots. Topped with a lemon- Dijon mustard dressing.

IF this sounds like something you might be interested in give it a shot and one of the BIGGEST things I love about it! You can skip a week as many as you want in a row. So maybe one week you can’t you fork over the money, or you won’t be in town.

If you already use this, or give it a try please tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

IF you would like to see more posts on this with different recipes let me know in comments.

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