Beginning of Juice cleanse

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Hello Darlings! IT is finally Friday and I am so thankful! I just want to eat dinner read for a bit and go to bed! Some wild Friday for me! Anybody else feel this way?!

Tomorrow morning Jake and I will get up early to go to the local farmers market’s. Yep we go to more than one! Not all vendors are the same so finding what we want means going to more than one.

We are on the hunt for veggies and fruit we will be juicing. I have found several recipes on pinterest and in “The Skinny Confidential” book by: Lauryn Everts (Fucking Love her!!!)

I had decided that since I want to try the sugar diet. A palette cleanse so to speak would help out. I know some same a cleanse is good for you and others say it is horrible.

I don’t plan on just living off juice. It will consist of green smoothies and raw fruits/veggies for snacks. We will begin Sunday morning. If you would like an update in my daily posts please let me know in the comments below!

I was just telling Jake about my plan this morning when a big surprise to me he wanted in on it. We shall see how long he lasts! I would like to go two weeks on this little adventure (see how it has gone by week one)

My plan will go something like this:

Wake up triple fist with my coffee (if you thought I was giving that up completely you are crazy) water and juice. Every morning I will pick a recipe and use it for Jake and I.

All day will only be drinking water. No Iced tea or anything else that could dehydrate us.

Mid morning a glass of Juice and maybe some fruit.

Lunch I will have a big glass of Juice.  (Jake will have a Juice or smoothie with sandwich since he is heat all day. Don’t need him passing out)

Dinner will be again another juice or smoothie.

Anytime we get hungry we will have a small juice or fruit/veggie snack.

This might seem a bit extreme but if we begin to feel ill we will stop. A lot of people who have done this say the first 3 day’s are the hardest.

I know there are some cleanse’s out there that only last for 3 day’s which might be better, but honestly Jake and I have done everything the right way to loose these extra pounds and seen no results.

When I say the right way I mean we talked to our doctors, got into a program to monitor and help keep us on track. Used Mypal Fitness app, exercised weekly which consisted of 3 weight and cardio days. 2 abs and another form of exercise (I did Pilates) then on Saturday we would do Yoga to still work out plus stretch.

We had our meal plans set up in a week advance (they were checked by nutritionist) it had everything from morning to bedtime everyday. IT was surprisingly easy to keep up with.

After 4 months of this we had had enough. I had actually gained weight (not muscle) and Jake flipped flopped the whole time. We we talked with our doctors again Jake’s was not convinced we did it right or had been cheating.

Mine who I seen weekly blamed it all on stress. She said you can’t lose weight if your stressed out to the ends everyday. (Because that answer made me stress free Ha!)

This is why we are doing this. We tried it their way now we are going to try a different method.

I will be doing light yoga during these two weeks as well ( Jake has mentioned he wants to go do laps in the pool in the mornings) So we will be swimming and doing some yoga.

Have you done a Cleanse?! How did you feel? How long did your’s last?! Please comment below.

Have a wonderful Weekend!!!!

Till Monday,



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