August Favs 2015


My Birthday Flowers!

Can you believe August is about over?! I can! I felt this was the longest month of summer! Not that that is a bad thing it seemed to take forever!

I feel I don’t have a whole of favorites this month. It could be I didn’t get my Sephora packages till this week! LOL

August is my birth month so that is of course a Favorite! HA I’m 29 now and finally think I might have my shit together! It’s a goal by the time I’m 30!


Amazing dry shampoo!

You know I love dry shampoo and that my go to has been this for brunette’s but all month long I had been skipping right over it and straight for Macadamia! IT smells so amazing and gives my hair so extra VA VA VOOM which it really needs!

Love it!

I recently got back into ROCKSBOX this post goes in to detail all about it! This necklace is one piece from this months box and I am living it! I wore it the most out of the other pieces this month!! IT is by SLATE and just called “Engraved Triangle Necklace” in Gunmetal.

As you know I got Champagne pop for my Bday! I wanted this so so bad! It is amazing and I love it! I can’t get enough of it!


This Rebbl company makes really tasty and healthy drinks. I have not tried the one in my pic above yet! I have been drinking this one and OMG it tastes like a better version for you chocolate milk! It is amazing even Jake likes it. I saw the other day that whole foods had a few more different flavors I have not tried (hint pic above) but plan too!



I have been a bit obsessed with sparkling water for most of the year. I just can not get enough! SO when I saw this at whole foods I had to pick it up! It is their natural Coconut flavored sparkling water. It takes like real coconut! No the candy crap but real fresh! here is a list of their flavors! I am really hoping this stays around but it might be a summer edition only 🙁 boo

That pretty much covers the favs this month. Sorry there was not more but I’m sure next month will be bigger.

Tell me what has made your list this month?! Comment below




Whole foods Guacamole is the shit! Made with real fresh ingredients! Jake and I snack on this while we prepare dinner! So yummy 🙂

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