Hello Darlings!!! It is PLL’s day! (Don’t act like you don’t know what that is 😉 )  I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but it’s hot as fuck here!!! Nothing but water for this household!!!

In March I came across this video where a young lady was talking about how she has a bottle of the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief from their aromatherapy collection in every room of her house.

She laughed and then stated she was not kidding. I become interested quickly..Does that shit really work?…..Does is smell like ass?…etc.

I did some research (nothing fancy) to find out more. Each one is made for a specific reason and it releases an essential oil’s in to your skin to help. ( Help with what your need is)

The next time I went into Bath & Body Works I bought 3 different types Stress Relief (eucalyptus tea)Sleep (Lavender Chamomile), and Stress (Orange Ginger).

I know the Stress and Sleep come in different scents I just preferred these ones. Since it was my first go around with these I feel I went overboard in case they didn’t work.

I know some of you will say it is all in your head and that’s fine. Just know some of us like these.

The sleep one is on my night stand and I apply it on my arms and hands every night. It smells really nice and chamomile helps you to relax.

My stress one is in my living room. Every time I seem to start to freak out over probably the smallest thing I put it on. I am a big fan of eucalyptus! I use it during cold and flu season in my bath. It helps clear out your passageways. I even buy that kind in my Epson salt, It is just so relaxing and calming.

Finally my energy one is on the counter by the kitchen. By evening time I am worn out, but I still need to get dinner done. So it’s a nice pick me up. I will say it is my least favorite. After I use it up I will most likely not buy it again.

I just seen they are selling these in candles now so I will be investing in some of those! I will let you know my thoughts at a later date if you would like.

Do you use aromatherapy?! Do you use something similar? Please comment below and share with the class

I hope you have a great week is is now time for me to wash out this hair dye and pray I didn’t just fuck my shit up!

Till the next time



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